Women's Issues

When considering the many stages in a woman’s life and the daily demands she endures; one can feel worn out! Through the many stages of life, our roles change and more often than not, it is not an easy transition. Life can feel overwhelming as many women are expected to balance a wide range of roles and responsibilities every day.

The pressure of tackling all these roles can make you feel irritable, stressed, anxious, depressed, lonely, or hopeless. Often this can take a toll on one’s self esteem, and self worth. Many women tend to put themselves last on the to do list and feel worse, or they may engage in some self care and feel guilty for not putting someone else first! It often can feel like a losing battle and can lead to feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, or just being stuck and unhappy.

Often times these are during particular life transition times, such as starting a family, having children start school, going through menopause, becoming an empty nester, facing job changes, financial difficulties, or retirement. When something feels out of balance in a woman’s life, life can feel stressful.


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